The registration social plugin allows users to easily sign up for your website with their Facebook account.


Login Button

The Login Button social plugin shows profile pictures of the user’s friends who have already signed up for your site in addition to a login button.


Activity Feed

The Activity Feed social plugin shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments.


The Facepile social plugin displays the Facebook profile pictures of users who have liked your page or have signed up for your site.

Share Button

Facebook has replaced the Share Button with the Like Button. However, here the Share button provides additional functionality and, therefore, might be useful.


The Recommendations social plugin gives users personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like.

Request Dialog

The Request Dialog sends a Request from one user (the sender) to one or more users (the recipients). The Request Dialog can be used to send a Request directly from one user to another or display a Multi Friend Selector Dialog, allowing the sending user to select multiple recipient users.

Follow button

The Follow button social plugin allows people to subscribe to other Facebook users directly from your site.

Like box

The Like Box social plugin enables users to like your Facebook Page and view its stream directly from your website.


2.3 Adding a Comments Box
2.3.1 Title. Specify a title for the plugin to be able to identify the plugin in back-end. 
2.3.2 Publish. Choose whether to publish the plugin or not. 
2.3.3 Rendering. Choose how to render the plugin.


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